The Techno-Greeks
The Techno-Greeks
Biographical Information
Real Name: Optus


Physical Description
Gender: Males
Character Information
First appearance: They Might be G.I.Ants
Voiced by: Sam Vincent
David Kaye

The Techno-Greeks are a trio of techno-savvy assistants working for Hermes in a sub-station usually set below Hermes's Cmmunications room. They are Optus (Sam Vincent), Phonus, and Logus (David Kaye) (the latter said to have the fastest fingers any one can find) and are known for their searching and technological tracking abilities. In addition, they are very fond of online video games and invite Odie to join their team as a fourth player against Team ANUBIS, some online Egyptian opponents. During season 2, they make recurring appearances to aid the heroes.