Biographical Information
Real Name: First Vampire Sybaris
Species: Mortal/Drakaina
Physical Description
Gender: Female
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Green
Character Information
First appearance: Sybaris Fountain
Voiced by: Laara Sadiq

Sybaris was once a mortal Queen, her betrayal of Hera led to Sybaris' imprisonment into a cave and banishment from all she loved. Her hatred for mortals made her a lamia, the first vampire. By day, she is a beautiful girl, but by night she was a humanoid half-bat half-snake creature. Hera took away all Sybaris loved, which were her offspring, while nearby villagers captured her and threw her off a cliff. She reverted to her human form and turned to stone; in the exact spot she fell a fountain sprung. In the future, a town was built around the fountain, positioning it so the fountain resided in the town square.

Cronus revives her and suggests that she kills the Chosen Ones as revenge against Hera as Hera loves Jay and the others like her own children and taking them from her will make Hera feel the same pain Sybaris felt when Hera took her children away from her. To do this, Sybaris feigns romantic interest in Herry as a local girl named Thalia to capture and bite him while setting vampires free to attack his friends. Sybaris is defeated after a fight with Hera when Jay stabs the former in the back. Sybaris returns to stone and is restored to the fountain.