See You at the Crossroads
Season One, Episode 8
See You at the Crossroads
Air date February 11, 2006
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The Antikythera Device


Sibling Rivalry

When a full moon rises on All Hallows' Eve, While Teresa and Atlanta are at the movies, an owl flies out the the screen. Eventually the gang find out that Hecate, Queen of the Dead, still has a few tricks up her sleeve. Though Theresa has learned a little magic, Hecate wrote the book and now she's been taken by Hecate into the underworld where her magic is most strong.


(Theresa is tied up in ropes, Neil is holding the torches)
Neil: Oooh let me try! Hocus Pocus, Bippity Boo! (Theresa is released)
Atlanta: ... Get outta town!

Neil: (Movie turned black and white) Awww, an art film. Booooring!

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