Biographical Information
Name: Psyche
Goddess: Soul


Physical Description
Gender: Female
Hair color: Red
Eye color: Green
Height: 5'8
Character Information
First appearance: Bows and Eros
Portrayed by: Tabitha St. Germain

Psyche is the Goddess of the Soul and the loving wife of Eros.

Psyche appears at the beginning of the episode with her husband Eros preparing for Valentine's Day. After some cute talk with Eros Agnon breaks through the door and kidnaps them both. Faced with Cronus Eros is forced to spread hate instead of love. Resisting to do so, Cronus holds Psyche hostage and corrupts Eros. She is kept hostage through the entire episode until the heroes come to rescue her. After Cronus escapes and the Wyverns beaten Eros and Psyche share a passionate reunion and kiss, thus reversing the effects of the hate arrows.

She and Eros are kidnapped by Cronus, who casts a spell on Eros so that the god will cause the Chosen Ones as well as everyone in New Olympia to hate each other. Psyche is held captive by Cronus, who eventually decides that she needs to be eliminated when Jay formulates a plan to rescue her. She is reunited with her husband when the spell on him is broken.

Psyche is the loving wife of Eros and appears as a middle-aged woman with fizzy red hair, modelled after Rhea Perlman, the wife of Danny DeVito.