Biographical Information
Real Name: Padma
Species: Nymph
Originally From: Underwater


Physical Description
Gender: Female
Hair color: Dark Brown
Eye color: Bright Green
Height: 5'4
Character Information
First appearance: The Deep End

Characters Female Immortals Mythical Nymphs Heros Deceased Season Two

A beautiful water nymph who serves Scamander. At Scamander's orders, Padma meets with Archie and secretly adds a magic potion into his drinking water that removes Archie's fear of water. Afterwards, she lures Archie to the waters of Scamander's river so that the river God may take his revenge, but is reluctant to see her master realize his revenge since she has befriended Archie. She was captured by Theresa until the river is dried up and she leaves Padma, thinking that the water nymph would be powerless out of water because of her fish tail. Padma transforms her tail into legs and goes to help Archie. She ultimately sacrifices herself to save Archie from Scamander by preventing the river god from leaving the fiery wreakage of a boat. She, along with Scamander dissolve into water and evaporate in the fire.

Physical AppearenceEdit

Padma is a beautiful nymph that looks just like a mermaid. Her skin is a deep tan, her hair is dark brown and she has bright green eyes. Padma dresses in a green bikini top and a necklace and two bracelets made from white shells. Below the waist, she has a fish-like tail covered in bright green scales. Along her waist and at the end of her tail, she has bright golden,orange fins.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

As a mermaid, Padma had the power to breathe underwater and can withstand great amounts of water preasure. She can swim at incredible speeds with her tail. Padma has powers over water and can create a magic potion that has the power to make someone an excellent swimmer and makes them unafraid of water. Padma can turn her mermaid tail into human legs.

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