A hunter who once loved Artemis and was loved in return, Orion shared Artemis' competitive spirit and nearly matched her skill in archery. Artemis, when challenged to shoot a supposedly unhittable target in the sea, was too proud to refuse and proved her ability—not realizing her target was Orion. With his death, she had his spirit placed among the stars as a constellation so that she could see him every night.

Summoned by Cronus and taking on the form of a man made of stars, Orion willingly agrees to Cronus' request to find where the heroes meet the Olympian gods. Unaware of Artemis' reasons for shooting him, Orion targets Atlanta as a means to hurt the goddess. However, Atlanta manages to reveal Artemis' true feelings for Orion and he peacefully returns to the skies.

Orion appears in Episode 2.4: Star Quality.