In Greek mythology, Olympus is the legendary home of the Gods. It was built by the Cyclops, and was located on top of Mount Olympus

In the SeriesEdit

In the series Olympus has been relocated because of the growing threat of Cronos to New Olympus which is located in 'New Olympus High School in a secret section that is accessible through a janitors closet with the Medallion keys found by each hero before they arrived at "New Olympus High School"? New Olympia's high school was built with a Greek architecture theme in mind and has many statues and murals in a Greek style, that show many famous heroes and scenes from Ancient Greece.

The seven heroes attend the school as students, as do the city's other non-heroic teenagers.

New OlympusEdit

The Greek gods reside in a secret part of the school accessible only through the janitor closet with special medallion keys that each of the heroes has. In this part of the school, there are training facilities, weapon stores, secret portals, Hephaestus' workshop, etc. Many statues also decorate the building, including ones of Zeus armed with thunderbolts and Asclepius with his Asclepian rod (This is the real Asclepian Rod and is under the protection of the gods, and therefore undetectable by Cronus). The school was also invulnerable to the timeline change Cronus made by winning the Titanomachy

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