Biographical Information
Real Name: Herry
Ancestor: Hercules
Mentor: Hercules
Age: Season 1: 16
Season 2: 17



Super strength


Olympian Rope

Physical Description
Gender: Male
Hair color: Chocolate brown
Eye color: Brown
Height: 6'2
Character Information
First appearance: Chaos 101
Portrayed by: Ty Olsson

Herry is a farm boy, and the third to be discovered, he completed the initial trio of teens Hermes brought to Olympia High. He is the decendant of Hercules.


He apears to have been raised by his grandmother, 'Granny', who seems to be very fond of him. While resourceful in this way, he doesn't seem to be particularly bright. He had no friends until he found out he was part of the group.


Growing up on a farm, he is laid-back and easy-going, however, it has been noted that he has periods of extreme rage in some situations. This can lead him into trouble sometimes, echoing how Hercules himself was emotionally uncontrolled.

He has a big appetite and is fond of his grandmother, 'Granny', who appears to have raised him.


He has super-human strength, tending to rely mostly on this. As such, he usually has no weapon, though he can be improvisational and learn to use just about anything when the need arises. Herry drives (and is a little protective of) a pickup truck, which his Granny passed onto him and was redesigned and equipped by Hephaestus to become the group's official ride. He is also prone to seasickness and sleeps with a teddy bear. He enjoys Athena's cooking and is in the habit of cleaning out the fridge

Physical AppearanceEdit

Herry is the tallest if not the most built of the heroes. He has brown hair with dark eyes and square face with notable sideburns. He dons a green t shirt and grey cargo shorts and brown slip on sandals most of the time. Other times he will wear a blue wrestling uniform and a green jogging suit.

Season OneEdit

Herry was found by Hermes on a farm after fighting 2 giants alone. Herry pushed a large truck that was carrying debris in a zoo and a military jeep that was blocking door number 2 in a military base.

Season TwoEdit

Personal InfoEdit


  • Herry claims he doesn't like green, yet wears a green shirt.
  • In the original artwork for the show, Herry had blonde hair.
  • Herry faced a few of the Labors of Hercules
  • Herry is prone to seasickness and sleeps with a teddy bear.
  • Every girl he has shown attraction to in the series are always an antagonist (the sirens, Sybaris, Medealia, ect.)
  • He doesn't like zombies.