Biographical Information
Name: Hermes
God: Boundaries, Shepherding, Hospitality, Travel, Roads, Diplomacy, Trade, Merchandise, Invention, Theft, Speech, Cunning, Wit, Writing, Language, Money, Measurements, Astronomy, Sleep, Dreams, Fertility, Magic, Sports, Racing, and Commerce
Mentoring: Odie
Home: Olympus

Zeus (Father)
Maia (Mother)


Hecate (Wife)
Aphrodite (Lover)


Pan (Son)
Autolycus (Son)




Animal Control

Physical Description
Gender: Male
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Brown
Height: 6'4
Character Information
First appearance: Chaos 101
Portrayed by: Brian Drummond

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Hermes is the messenger of The Gods, among other things. To his annoyance, most people tend not to remember. Hermes would also later confirm as being the unofficial King of Thieves. He was the one who was sent to retrieve the first six students and ended up spinning an elaborate tale for Jay's parents to explain their son's absence. He is also Odie's mentor.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

As the "Messenger of the Gods," Hermes was bestowed with winged sandals and a winged helmet which enable him to fly at extreme speeds. He is able to use his caduceus to control lesser beings, mainly animals. Other then that, Hermes possesses the standard abilities of The Gods.

Season OneEdit

Hermes is in charge of monitoring The Gods' global networks and communication systems, which have since been enhanced by Odie's installation of high speed telephones. Unfortunately, Odie's upgrades have Hermes in over his head. He always appears when Hera says his name and has a secret portal in his room emblazoned with the caduceus that can transport anyone to anywhere they wish. His Caduceus, which he can use to control animals, is also the symbol of heralds.

He is a clever and gifted inventor, something he shares with his student, Odie. Hermes, in addition to Athena, was also one of Odysseus' divine patrons. Hermes is more relaxed and less demanding than the other gods; in addition, he is most familiar with the human world and the way it works. It has not yet been confirmed whether or not this is due to his being the youngest of the gods.

Season TwoEdit

It was discovered later that Hermes was also a father, after his mortal son, Autolycus, was brought to the current timeline by Chronus. Upon investigating a series of thefts relating to Cronus, Hermes immediately knew that his son was the culprit upon being told that the thefts were executed "perfectly." Although he was hesitant to share this information to the others, he was not ashamed to boast on his little Prince of Thieves early antics. Hermes was later seen upon a griffon after snatching a golden apple from Autolycus, merely greeting his son with a tone and smile of promising punishment.


Hermes is the great messenger of the gods and additionally as a guide to The Underworld. He is also the second youngest god. His son, Autolycus, is also the grandfather of Odysseus, making Hermes Odysseus' great-grandfather. Hermes has many other children, including the satyr Pan.

Calypso once said; "spread a table with ambrosia and set it by Hermes, and mixed the rosy-red nectar."


Season One

Season Two

Other Faces of HermesEdit

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