Helmet of Darkness
Helmet of darkness
Biographical Information
Formal Name: Helmet of Darkness
Created By: Cyclops


Physical Description
Colour: Gold
Size: 1 ft. X 1Ft.
Episode Information

The Helmet of Darkness belongs to Hades the God of the dead , it was Forged by the Cyclops During the Titanomachy. it Enables the User to Become invinsible and to control death and the The Underworld


In Greek mythology, the Cap of Invisibility is a helmet or cap that possesses the ability to turn the wearer invisible.

Also known as the Cap of Hades, Helm of Hades, Helm of Darkness. The helm was used by numerous figures, including the Goddess of wisdom, Athena, the messenger God, Hermes, and the hero, Perseus. The Cap of Invisibility enables the user to hide from the eyes of other supernatural beings, functioning much like the cloud or mist that the gods surround themselves in to become undetectable.

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