Hecate's Torches
Hecate's Torches
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Formal Name: Hecate's Torches


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First appearance: See You at the Crossroads

The torches of Hecate a twin pair of magical torches. They are imbue with powerful magic and can be used to catalyze one's own magical might.

Early HistoryEdit

These torches were originally used by Hecate to help guide souls to the Underworld.

Throughout the SeriesEdit

Persephone gave these torches to Theresa to help her maximize her sixth sense, but they were stolen by Hecate. In the end, Hecate was banished once more and the torches were recovered.


The torches are powerful magical artifacts that can augment the users own magcial power. Apparently, the user does not need to even be magically inclined, given that Neil was able to use them to a limited extent, although Neil felt them empowering him as soon as he touched them, and Atalanta, having has some training in magic, was astounded at how casually he used their power, possibly suggesting that Neil might have an unexpected innate magical potential.

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