Biographical Information
Name: Tyche
Goddess: Chance and Good Luck
Home: Olympus

Zeus (Father)
Aphrodite (Mother)

Physical Description
Character Information
First appearance: The Game Plan
Portrayed by: Nicole Oliver

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Fortuna, the Roman goddess of chance and good luck, is the current possessor of Amalthea's cornucopia, but to deal with her means putting fate into her hands. She is a frequenter of the Fortune Casino and enjoys games of chance, rarely giving anyone anything unless they succeed at her Wheel of Fortuna game. She takes the appearance a fickle older woman who dresses glamorously, but is rather cowardly and usually claims a situation is a person's fate. Fortuna is the Roman name of Tyche, the Greek goddess of fortune.

  • Fortuna is actually a Roman Goddess.


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