Biographical Information
Real Name: Envy
Species: Monster
Physical Description
Gender: Female
Character Information
First appearance: Face Off
Voiced by: Cathy Weseluck

Taking the form of a green mist, Envy's true form is a green monster with horns, along with snake-like hair and a snake-like gown. She is attracted to feelings of envy and appears to amplify such feelings; when Aphrodite and Persephone fight over Adonis and Neil becomes jealous of the attention Adonis receives from female admirers, Envy appears and attempts to curse Neil with blind envy. Though Neil is saved from the blast by Adonis, Adonis is cursed instead and cannot be freed from his possession except by Envy herself. Envy also appears when Jay becomes jealous of Adonis when Theresa supposedly sees a wonderful future with him, also when Archie becomes jealous of Adonis because of Atlanta. Having first emerged from Pandora's Box, she cannot be trapped with conventional means because she has no tangible form. The heroes use Pandora's Box to capture her and free Adonis, though a small portion of her remains in the world, continuing to plague it with envy.

Appearance Edit

Envy has the humanoid body of a woman with pale greenish skin. Three points grow from the sides and top of her disfigured face. She dresses in a deep green greek styled dress. Instead of hair, Envy has long, black tentacles.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Envy was an immortal and could live for eternity.

As the spirit of envy, she could sense feelings of envy and could cause and enhance envy. Envy could teleport in a cloud of green smoke.She is an evil being ,so you don't want to mess with her.

she is powerful enough that she can even affect a god.