Biographical Information
Real Name: Prince Of Thieves
Species: Demi-God
Age: 17

Hermes (Father)
Pan (half-brother)
Angelia (half-sister)


Anticlea and Polymede (daughters)
Odysseus (grandson by Anticlea)
Jason (grandson by Polymede)


Helmet of invisibility

Physical Description
Gender: Male
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Brown
Height: 5'7
Character Information
First appearance: Bad Blood
Voiced by: Joe May

Autolycus is the mortal son of Hermes. He is better known as the "Prince of Thieves" due to his reputation as being the most talented thief after his father, the "King of Thieves". He was the one that taught wrestling to Hercules.

Called from his time by Cronus, he agrees to find and steal Hercules's last surviving arrow, which were soaked with still potent lethal Hydra poison, in exchange for an apple from the Garden of Hesperides, which would grant him immortality. Armed with the helmet of invisibility he originally lent to Odysseus so that the hero could sneak into Troy, Autolycus breaks into labs and museums in New Olympia. The Chosen Ones eventually capture him, but allow him to return to Cronus with a fake arrow, who, in actuality, was a shape-shifting bottle imp named Gary that had been annoying Theresa. Autolycus gets away with the apple that will grant him immortality, but has the apple taken away from him by Hermes before Autolycus can consume it. Autolycus was last seen looking up at his father with a worried expression as Hermes merely greeted his son with a tone and smile of promising punishment.

Autolycus is portrayed as a young, athletic man with a full head of brown hair and brown eyes. He wears what appears to be a loose, black shinobi shozoko. He is also seen donning the Helmet of Invisibilty.

Although his punishment is unknown, it is safe to assume that Autolycus was sent back to his own time, as he was destined to become the grandfather of the heroes Jason and Odysseus, and later the ancestor of both Jay and Odie.