Biographical Information
Real Name: Arachne
Species: Human/Arcadian
Age: Unknown
Originally From: Greece

Idmon ( Father ).

Unknown Mother




Spiders ( Descendants )


Her cob webs



Physical Description
Gender: Female
Character Information
First appearance: Make-up Exam
Voiced by: Nicole Oliver

Arachne was a mortal woman who was a very good weaver and boasted that she was the best, even better than Athena. One day, an elderly woman at her door warned her not to insult the Gods. After hearing a few more insults from Arachne, the woman revealed herself as Athena, who challenged her to a weaving contest. Arachne came out on top with a shiny cloth. While Athena was already angry she had been bested by a mortal, Arachne's impertinent reaction caused the Goddess to lash out in rage and transform Arachne into a giant red-black spider

Over the next millennia, she served as a weaver for the Gods. She then made a deal with Cronus, if she captures the Chosen Ones, he turns her human. Arachne hypnotized Atlanta into capturing her friends, but Archie freed Atlanta from her control. After the fake prisoner hoax, Arachne was temporarily turned human until turned back when Cronus had to flee. This time, she was the size of a regular spider. After Atlanta convinces the gods that other transformed humans might join Cronus, Athena reluctantly returns Arachne to her mortal form.


In Make-up Exam Arachne attempts to exact revenge on Athena by hypnotizing Atlanta and luring her allies into a trap. She made a deal with Cronus to trade the heroes for her becoming human again. After she succeeds Atlanta breaks from her spell and they beat her and Cronus back. After the failure of the plan Cronus calls off the deal and thus turning back into a spider, but this time she is the size of any normal spider.

Back at Olympus Atlanta convinces Athena to turn Arachne back into a human, explaining that if the argument between the two was to come to an end then her rage wouldn't cause another conflict. She agreed and Arache returned to her human form and after Atlanta calls her friend.


  • When Arachne and Athena tell their sides of the story Athena describes her as being boastful whereas Arachne did not, so it is unknown who was truly right, considering Athena's rage was the same in both stories.


Arachne is a large black and red spider (a black widow judging from the red hourglass marking on her underbelly) with four fangs and purple eyes.

As a human she is a young woman with crimped dark purple/black hair and a long toga dress and sandals with a purple headband.