Adonis is a strong hunter and a god who exemplifies male beauty in Greek mythology. Aphrodite and Persephone had fought over him, which resulted in Aphrodite locking his spirit away in a box. Aphrodite forgot that she locked him in the box while Adonis patiently waited for the goddesses to decide his fate and was freed several millennia later by Neil. He instantly gains the attention of all female company in sight, much to Neil's displeasure. His reappearance causes Aphrodite and Persephone to fight over the hunter again, causing Envy to appear.

Unaggressive and good-natured, Adonis is challenged by Neil, who Adonis continues to mistakenly refer as "Ned", to a beauty contest. Taking advantage the envy and jealousy present, Envy appears to curse Neil, who is saved by Adonis. However, he is possessed with envy and attempts to kill Neil until Envy is trapped in Pandora's Box, freeing Adonis from her possession. He decides to give up on Persephone and Aphrodite in order to go to a place where strength of character matters more than appearance so that he will be treated as a person and not an object.

Adonis appears in Episode 2.22: Face Off.